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will stay seated in the vehicle. focused? i can never remember a time when a u.s. president launched military action and didn't speak that evening from the oval office with a sober explanation of what, how, and how much and how long. this action was announced by the secretary of state while the commander-in-chief visited in rio and meticulous attention to basketball brackets. maybe he's lost interest in the job. nex year we can fix that. he might be better suited as a professor and educate and contemplate and never have to reach a conclusion or writing books and perhaps taking a new direction in fiction since much . budget proposals and solutions for stimulating the economy and deficit drowning health care plains are the stuff of fiction. or maybe, maybe he would like to take the job in which he is interested. sports analyst for espn. his decisions in this arena are more accurate and based on more thought and if he's wrong, it really doesn't matter because when he's wrong now, it really does matter and on that there is clarity. that's my view and i welcome yours . cume at mikehuckabe
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1

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